• Fair Rules for Short-Term Rentals.

    Fair Rules
    for Short-Term Rentals.

    Airbnb is invading neighbourhoods. The homeshare business model is evolving from a home-sharing platform for short-term visitors into a service that empowers the operation of unregulated ghost hotels.

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Fairbnb Featured Story

First Airbnb Fine in Toronto is Welcome News

  Fairbnb.ca Coalition: $10,000 fine shows need for stricter regulations and platform accountability (TORONTO) Today, the Fairbnb.ca Coalition would like to extend our gratitude towards Justice of the Peace Gerry Altobello for imposing a stiff $10,000 fine on a Willowdale home owner who has brazenly violated the city’s zoning by-laws and negatively impacted his neighbours. […]

Airbnb reaches profitability

Airbnb became profitable in the second half of 2016, and is on pace to sustain profitability through 2017, Bloomberg reports….

The Newsroom

Lobbying Group for Airbnb, Uber Opens Office in Albany

Stricter limits proposed for Airbnb in D.C.

Airbnb to begin collecting Colorado taxes for hosts

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