• Fair Rules for Short-Term Rentals.

    Fair Rules
    for Short-Term Rentals.

    Airbnb is invading neighbourhoods. The homeshare business model is evolving from a home-sharing platform for short-term visitors into a service that empowers the operation of unregulated ghost hotels.

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Fairbnb Featured Story

Here Are The Buildings Where Airbnb Is Banned In Chicago

CHICAGO — At least 91,000 of Chicago’s apartment and condo units, about 7.6 percent of all housing units in Chicago, are on the city’s list of places that cannot host guests through home-sharing services like Airbnb. The city recently made public a list of 940 buildings across Chicago that have submitted documents to the city to formally exclude short-term […]

Richmond, B.C. votes to ban short-term rentals after approving plan to regulate them

Councillors in Richmond, B.C., have voted to prohibit short-term rentals such as Airbnb, despite approving a plan less than a week earlier that would have regulated and legalized such services…

The Newsroom

Portland housing committee moves toward banning some kinds of short-term rentals

‘Machete’ thugs trash flat rented out on Airbnb over New Year’s Eve

Study: How new Airbnb nondiscrimination policy may be worse

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