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Airbnb is invading neighbourhoods. The homeshare business model is evolving from a home-sharing platform for short-term visitors into a service that empowers the operation of unregulated ghost hotels.

The growth of the ghost hotel sector has created legal grey zones, providing cover for vendors who buy and rent burner homes. Short-term rentals are invading neighbourhoods, creating potential tax compliance challenges and adding new zoning, building code and security risks for townhouses, condo towers and apartments.

In its wake, Airbnb and other platforms have left cities and neighbourhoods struggling to cope with the consequences, ranging from the loss of affordable housing stock to public safety and accountability concerns.

Airbnb’s impacts have given rise to coalitions in cities as diverse as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Chicago, Lisbon, New York, Reykjavik, San Francisco, Santa Monica and Los Angeles – just to name a few. Many jurisdictions have responded with new rules and new enforcement strategies to improve the accountability of Airbnb and other homeshare companies. Inspired by these success stories, we are bringing this debate to Canada to make sure our governments keep pace with this global trend.


A national coalition of homeowners, tenants, tourism businesses and labour organizations

Fairbnb.ca is a coalition effort that brings together groups from the regulated hotel and B&B industry with property owners, property renters and other concerned citizens. We are launching our coalition in Toronto – where Airbnb listings have grown by 845% since 2012. Members in other cities across Canada will announce their participation as the coalition grows (see our updated member list below).

We’re calling for a robust, nationally-consistent policy framework to ensure homesharing complies with fair, safe and respectful legislation – drawing on the experience of other countries and other cities. For the record: we are not seeking to ban true “homesharing” through our campaign. If a resident or owner is legally renting a spare room or a vacation property, or if they are truly engaged in a legal, respectful and safe short-term rental, we have no objections and support Airbnb’s right to enable this practice.

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