Airbnb being sued for racial discrimination after black man is denied under his profile, but is accepted under two fake ‘white’ ones

Black Guest Sues Airbnb, Claims Company Ignored Hosts’ Racial Discrimination

Airbnb in racism storm after black guests claim property owners rejected their bookings

Airbnb’s burden to end any racial bias in its rentals

As an Interracial Couple, We Know What Can Happen When You #AirbnbWhileBlack

This Black Twitter user proved that Airbnb really is kinda racist

Airbnb users slam ‘racist’ property owners for declining their booking enquiries

Airbnb Has An Unsurprising Race Problem

NYC Public Advocate Says Airbnb Racism Is “Pervasive”

This powerful hashtag is exposing AirBNB’s rampant race problem

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