Horror Stories

Islington: Airbnb host returns to flat to find thieves raided home and stole £5,000 in electronics

Airbnb critics slam allowance of ‘rooms of doom’ By Rich Calder September 27, 2016 | 1:13am

Long-time rental scam artist back in business, police say Police concerned that in a tight rental market, more people will fall victim

Airbnb host admits to filming people having sex on hidden cameras

What to do when Airbnb goes horribly wrong

Airbnb sex cam hell: Host admits to ‘sharing hidden camera videos’

Airbnb host admits ‘using hidden cameras to film guests and swaps sex videos with other users’

Airbnb host catches guests burglarizing rental

Airbnb horror story: Guests trash Sydney apartment, turn it into a ‘junkie den’

Woman arrested on suspicion of stealing furniture, contents at Anaheim Airbnb apartment

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