Horror Stories

Woman’s horror after renter turned her apartment into a brothel

Chelsea Residents Worry That Airbnb Lock Boxes Are Putting Their Homes At Risk

10 Airbnb Horror Stories That Will Make You Cringe

What Do You Do When Your Airbnb Host Freaks Out On You (In Another Country)?

‘Dishonest Party Folk’ Sink Celebrity Chef’s Far Rockaway Airbnb Houseboat

Orgies, drugs, arrests: Airbnb users’ real-life nightmares

My Airbnb nightmare, and how you might avoid it

From guests throwing orgies and weddings to hosts locking visitors inside: Holiday rental users share their nightmare experiences

Williamsburg Airbnb guest steals towels, map, electronics from rental, police say

Hamptons Mansion Defiled By A Thousand Condom-Flinging Airbnb Guests, Hedge Funder Fired

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