Horror Stories

Airbnb owner plans to sue hedge funder after 1,000 party guests in ‘sprayathon’ allegedly trash $20 million Hamptons mansion

Airbnb in Cabbagetown — “The Nightmare on Bleecker Street”

‘I don’t want my home to be used as a hotel’: Anaheim condo becomes tourist lodging without owner’s permission

From Berlin to Barcelona; will Airbnb ruin our most loved cities?

Are Airbnb hosts in greater danger of identity theft?

State says safety is key when using Airbnb

Illegal Short-Term Rentals Can be Nightmare for Neighbors

The big winners in the sharing economy aren’t chumps like you

Airbnb host taken to court over wild parties that disturbed the neighbours

Airbnb party house wreaks havoc on Mississauga neighbourhood

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