Horror Stories

From guests throwing orgies and weddings to hosts locking visitors inside: Holiday rental users share their nightmare experiences

Williamsburg Airbnb guest steals towels, map, electronics from rental, police say

Hamptons Mansion Defiled By A Thousand Condom-Flinging Airbnb Guests, Hedge Funder Fired

Airbnb owner plans to sue hedge funder after 1,000 party guests in ‘sprayathon’ allegedly trash $20 million Hamptons mansion

Airbnb in Cabbagetown — “The Nightmare on Bleecker Street”

‘I don’t want my home to be used as a hotel’: Anaheim condo becomes tourist lodging without owner’s permission

From Berlin to Barcelona; will Airbnb ruin our most loved cities?

Are Airbnb hosts in greater danger of identity theft?

State says safety is key when using Airbnb

Illegal Short-Term Rentals Can be Nightmare for Neighbors

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