Housing Issues

Are Airbnbs driving up your rent?

MPs demand crackdown on illegal lets in London as Airbnb trend sparks ‘free-for-all’

Some Sydney apartments being bought just for Airbnb, MP claims

Toronto must regulate Airbnb before it snaps up more rental housing, group warns

Sydney is Airbnb’s Australian boomtown, but not everyone is celebrating the website’s

Portland housing committee moves toward banning some kinds of short-term rentals

Hollywood Tenants Sue, Claim They Were Displaced By Airbnb

Tahoe Residents Forced Out by High Costs, ‘The Airbnb Effect’

Short-term rentals are hurting Nashville neighborhoods

How Airbnb is making the housing crisis worse: Couple kicked out of their home so owners could rent out each of the rooms for nearly FOUR TIMES as much

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